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Another Mass Shooting in Maryland’s Capital Prompted a Memorial for Newspaper Mass Shooting Attack Victims

Crowds outside a house in Maryland where the shooting takes place after aparking dispute on June 11. (NPR)

Maryland’s capital held a memorial in honor of the victims of the mass shooting incident that happened in the county 5 years ago, which happened again earlier this month.

5th year anniversary of the shooting at the Capital Gazette newsroom. (The New York Times)

The families of mass shooting victims; Gerald Fischman, Rob Hiaasen, John McNamara, Rebecca Smith, and Wendi Winters, who have fallen during the Capital Gazette Newspaper mass shooting, shared consolation with the family of Christian Segovia, Nicholas Mireles and, his son Mario Alfredo Mireles, who was killed during the recent mass killing that started due to a parking dispute.

Relatives and colleagues of the mass shooting victims during the Capital Gazette Newspaper mass shooting attack crossed paths with the families of the recent mass shooting incident that happened in Maryland as a Memorial was held in their honor.

Authorities in Maryland implore a gun violence-free community.


Charles Robert Smith, the man responsible for killing Christian Segovia, Nicholas Mireles, and his 27-year-old son, Mario Alfredo Mireles. in Maryland. (FOX 5 DC)

After the Memorial Ceremony in Maryland, the governor delivered a speech. They stated that the mass shooting tragedy reminded them of the ample amount of work that needs to be done to provide a gun violence-free community.

They also added in their statement the assurance of protecting its citizens from mass shootings.

Anne Arundel County Executive, Steuart Pittman, attended the memorial ceremony and noted a variety of local initiatives to help stop gun violence in recent years, including a gun violence intervention team and free gun locks distribution, in an interview.

Due to the lack of gun violence initiatives, Pittman stated that they need the assault weapon ban back as it worked 10 years ago.

READ MORE: In Maryland’s Capital, a Memorial Is Held for Newspaper Attack Victims After Another Mass Shooting

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