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Welfare Check: 2 Children Abused and Neglected, 2 Arrested

Welfare Check: 2 Children Abused and Neglected, 2 Arrested. (WXII 12)

A mother and her ‘friend” was arrested this week for abuse and negligence of 2 two young children and their dogs, in a welfare check.

In a welfare check conducted in a residence on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, North Carolina, the officials found 2 girls, ages 9 and 5. During the welfare check, the girls’ conditions allegedly showed signs of neglect and abuse. The official who did the welfare check stated that the girls were found locked in a room, and that they showed signs of malnutrition and physical abuse.

The officials who conducted the welfare check also found drug paraphernalia along with dogs in neglected and malnourished state.

Following the welfare check, an investigation was done. The mother, Julia Owens, 31, was arrested along with her ‘friend’, Josh Hoover, 42. It was reported during the welfare check that Owens and Hoover, lived together with the abuse and neglected malnourished children.

Owens and Hoover were in the custody of Davidson County Detention Center, They were charged with two counts each of felony child abuse and neglect resulting to serious physical injury, possession of drug paraphernalia, and charges for animal abuse.

In relation to the conducted welfare check, Owens was said to be arrested recently on two counts of misdemeanor child abuse. It was not clear if officials in-charge for welfare check had Owens under observations after the said arrest last April 2022.

This welfare check incident involving the abuse and neglect of two children serves as a stark reminder of the importance of vigilance and action in protecting vulnerable individuals.

Davidson County Detention Center reported that investigations are still on-going and Owens and Hoover may still receive additional charges.


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