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Treasury Secretary Yellen on Economic Equity

Treasury Secretary Yellen on Economic Equity [Photo: BBC]

Treasury Secretary Yellen’s commitment to promoting economic equity has become a core of her agenda.

During the Global Black Economic Forum, Treasury Secretary Yellen shared her disappointment over the on-going debate on the alleged institutional race discrimination and the issuance of racial preferences restriction on college admission. Treasury Secretary Yellen said she is not happy with the Supreme Court’s decision  regarding the said matter.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen. (Politico)

Treasury Secretary Yellen also added in saying that diversity is the core strength of the country. Having spent a noteworthy time of her career on university campuses, she knows that the entire community benefits when the student bodies reflect all of America.

Treasury Secretary Yellen articulated that acknowledgement of equity on economic policy is important as members of Blacks and other communities of color have never been given a fair chance in economy. Treasury Secretary Yellen also stressed that disparities wealth and income already existed from when she was just starting her career as an economist in the 70’s.

Treasury Secretary Yellen also went on talking that President Biden’s economic equity policy is to provide generational opportunities to the colored communities and to invest in their full potential.

After Treasury Secretary Yellen attendance on the Global Black Economic Forum, the Forum posted about how proud they are to have Treasury Secretary Yellen during the event. They also mentioned that Treasury Secretary Yellen shared to the crowd Biden Administration’s plan to erase racial opportunity gap.

Amidst Treasury Secretary Yellen’s lauding of President Biden’s policy, it’s still met with a lot of oppositions.


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