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$181 Direct Payment in July for Virginia Food Stamp Recipients: To Be Released in Four Days

In only four days, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits the whole state of Virginia for food stamp recipients will be released.

The last digit of a food stamp recipient, its case number, is used to determine when they receive their SNAP payments, also known as food stamps, which are delivered from the first through the seventh of the month.

All food stamp recipients whose case numbers fall between 0 and 3 will receive their payments on July 1, those whose case numbers fall between 4-5 will receive their payments on July 4, and those food stamp recipients whose case numbers fall between 6 and 9 will receive their payments on July 7.

In Virginia, the average benefit amount is $181 per household member, and roughly 9% of the people there receive SNAP assistance to help with food costs. Approximately 794,600 people in Virginia are SNAP users and are eligible and qualified as food stamp recipients.

According to the state, SNAP funds can be spent on “food or food products meant to be eaten by people,” as well as seeds and plants that produce food intended for food stamp recipients.

The electronic benefit transfer card, often known as the Virginia EBT, is used to disperse benefits and allows food stamp recipients to make qualified purchases at participating merchants.

The purchase of non-food items by food stamp recipients, alcohol, tobacco, prescription medications, household goods, paper products, pet food, or freshly prepared hot meals is not permitted with the aid of food stamp programs.

The number of family members that can be considered as food stamp recipients, affects Virginia’s annual income cap maximum. A household with food stamp recipients can earn up to $2,265 per month, while a family of five can earn up to $5,412 per month.


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