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Dreaming to Live in New York? Here is the List of Best Neighborhoods


The city of New York. How wonderful a city you are. There’s a reason why not many other cities had as many songs written about them as this one. Dreams come true, the American city of New York is one of the largest cultural melting pots in the world and rags-to-riches stories come true.

Being a resident of New York means being in the center of the international business and entertainment worlds. The city’s creatives and artists coexist side by side, beside Wall Street and Broadway.

Despite this city’s diversity and plenty of wonderful options, if you’re considering moving here, you’ll need to select the right neighborhood and price range. NYC is distinctive. You’ll want to stay away from some of the high-crime neighborhoods because it can be expensive.

To help you find the perfect neighborhood–one where you can live your Big Apple dreams without having a shoebox for an apartment–we’ve put together a complete list of 9 top neighborhoods to consider. Even better, we’ve built a ranking system for each one to make your decision as easy as finding a pizza place in New York–and trust us with over 5,500 pizzerias, it couldn’t be easier:

  • Ambience: nightlife and entertainment, dining and shopping, and parks and beauty
  • Amenities include schools, public transportation, and tourist attractions.
  • Experience: cost, accessibility, and safety
    The outcome is a list of the top neighborhoods in New York, New York, ranked in order of preference.
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Here are the 9 Best Place to Live in New York (Ranked):

9. University Heights in the Bronx and Fordham

Ideal for people seeking a more cheap and tranquil area of New York.
The Bronx contains two communities, Fordham and University Heights, which are accessible by lines 4 and D. Although it historically had a poor reputation, The Bronx, one of New York City’s five boroughs, has some lovely districts and is gradually getting better.

The best feature of this area is how reasonably priced it is. When moving to NYC, keep in mind that your housing will be your major expense. In the Bronx, you can acquire plenty of space without breaking the budget. As a result, it receives a five out of five for affordability.

8. Inwood, New York

Perfect for anyone looking for a secret, reasonably-priced treasure in New York.
On the northern tip of Manhattan Island is Inwood. Although it is still not widely known, it is beginning to gain popularity. There is little doubt that it will soon be a burgeoning area of the Big Apple.

Inwood receives an average rating of three out of five for the entertainment categories even if it doesn’t yet have all the hopping and bustling restaurants, shops, or pubs that you can find on the southern end of Manhattan. Fortunately, you only need to take one subway line to get to the action; you don’t even need to change subway lines. Just get on line one, and you’ll be there.

7. Brooklyn’s Bushwick

Ideal for creative types who enjoy murals, flea markets, and fine beer.
Brooklyn’s Bushwick is incredibly stylish and reasonably priced. You can travel quite easily throughout the city as to the apartment’s location on the M and L subway lines.

Here is the place to be if you enjoy street art. It is almost entirely covered in eye-catching murals painted in vibrant colors by different city artists. These murals offer Bushwick a distinct charm that you’ll soon fall in love with, whether it’s a beautiful day and you want to roam about or a cloudy day and you want to see some color.

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6. Manhattan’s East Village

Perfect for singles who enjoy the picture-postcard view of New York and being in the thick of things.
One of New Yorkers’ favorite neighborhoods is East Village. It is a section of Manhattan and is situated halfway between Central Park and the Statue of Liberty, putting it essentially in the middle of the Big Apple due to its southern location.

For singles wishing to take advantage of the bar and club scene, this location is ideal. After all, it receives a perfect score of 5 in every entertainment category. As opposed to other city neighborhoods, this one’s constant celebration will undoubtedly help you make new friends and experience an actual New York love story.

5. Manhattan’s Greenwich Village

Ideal for singles and young professionals who wish to live in a diverse, energetic area of the city but also value extra room.
Due to its score, Greenwich Village is one of the top three neighborhoods in New York City to reside in. Given that it is in Manhattan, how could it not be? It’s secure, has a great selection of eateries and stores, and is where the Friends housing complex is located! Just remember not to become wasted and start yelling “Rachel! “Your neighbors won’t be pleased if you go “Ross Geller style” in the middle of the night.

The hippest neighborhood in New York is Greenwich Village. At the renowned Washington Square Park, there are many artists, musicians, and other creatives who prefer to express themselves and share their work.

4. Lower East Side (Manhattan)

Perfect for young professionals that want to live just streets away from Chinatown and Downtown New York.
The Lower East Side is in our joint top two positions. It’s located in the south of Manhattan–on lines B, D, F, and M of the subway–where gritty streets and tenement-style buildings hold hands with luxury apartments and chic boutiques.

Thanks to the area’s famous bars, restaurants, and music venues–for example, the Rockwood Music Hall, and live music heaven–all the party-goers are drawn to this neighborhood at night.

3. Brooklyn’s Park Slope

Perfect for young professionals looking to reside near Prospect Park in Brooklyn’s more affordable borough.
One of our top two New York neighborhoods is Park Slope. Despite being in Brooklyn, it is well connected to the other boroughs through lines B, F, G, and Q in case you need to go somewhere else.

Park Slope is home to some of New York’s most exquisite brownstone structures, and in the fall, the neighborhood appears appetizing enough to eat. This area receives a perfect grade in Beauty and Parks because the views you’ll get there will truly remind you of any residential New York City postcard you’ve seen.

2. Manhattan’s Astoria

Ideal for people seeking breathtaking views of the Manhattan skyline and young professionals who enjoy movies.
The last of our top two boroughs in New York is Astoria. Actually, the only subway lines on our list that connect this neighborhood to the Queens borough are the N, Q, R, and M lines. There are many things to do, eat, and see in Astoria. It’s a terrific find because everything there is reasonably priced.

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Astoria is unhurried and has a wonderful cosmopolitan vibe. You’re guaranteed to discover a surprise in this low-rise area, which is teeming with so many unique little businesses, ethnic eateries, and chic stores.

1. Kensington (Brooklyn)

Ideal for singles seeking a carefree, laid-back atmosphere just a bridge over from the center of New York.
In New York, Williamsburg is the hippest neighborhood. A true representation of the melting pot that is New York, its diverse communities offer a flavor of the artsy hipster atmosphere, the Puerto Rican feel, and the traditional Jewish vibe.

In 1970, it was mostly an industrial area of the city, and it was also quite dangerous. However, the 90s gave it new life because of its reasonable rates, and today it is inhabited by hipsters, artists, and young people with a carefree, Williamsburg-like mentality.

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