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Unique Museums To Visit In Maryland

Unique Museums To Visit In Maryland (Photo: Explore Havre de Grace)

On a trip to Maryland? Here are unique museums worthy of a visit.

A decoy maker inside the Havre De Grace Decoy Museum, alonside his works (Photo: TripAdvisor)

Havre De Grace Decoy Museum

This unique museum houses a massive collection of Chesapeake Bay Decoys. These duck and geese figures are carefully hand-crafted and were created to trick birds into coming out of hiding, allowing hunters to do their business. With their quality, these figures are considered fine works of art and are collector pieces. This unique museum also houses an Arts and Entertainment District for everyone to enjoy.

American Visionary Art Museum

Another unique museum to visit in Maryland is the American Visionary Art Museum, AVAM for short. AVAM offers thematic exhibits that combine art, humor, science, social justice, and philosophy. AVAM is also home to its very own “Wonderland” campus filled with nothing but intuitive artistry. CNN dubbed AVAM as “one of the most fantastic museums anywhere in America”. When visiting AVAM, stopping by its gift shop, Sideshow, is a must. The unique museum is also near Cross Street Market for a quick snack.

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The Mermaid Museum

Just by its name, you can say that The Mermaid Museum is indeed a unique museum located only in Maryland. This unique museum has history, a collection of oddities, and lore written all over its walls. The museum is also home to a mermaid-shaped Cheeto, which is one of the unusual things you get to experience in this unique museum. The Mermaid Museum also collects various pop-culture references involving all things about mermaids. This unique museum also houses a brewery, a milkshake store, and even a bookstore!

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