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California Reparation Task Force on Black Residents Child Support Debt

California Reparation Task Force is recommending that Black Residents’ Child Support Debt should be cleared.

California Governor, Gavin Newsom | Photo: The San Diego Union-Tribune

California reparation task force handed out a 1,100 page-long report to the state, discussing matters on reparations. The report consists of both details about the racial injustice experienced by Black residents in the state in the past, and the reparations that African-American should receive from the government. The report was prepared by California Governor Gavin Newsom along with other California Reparation Task Force members.

California reparation task force included in the report, list of recommendations in regards to what reparation gesture Black Residents should receive from the state.

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The California reparation task force noted that child support debt of Black residents in the state should be cleared since California imposed 10% interest on unsettled child support. The report prepared by California reparation task force, it noted that this imposed interest has a unfair effect on Black Americans making it difficult for them to find employment and housing for.

In the 1,100 page-long report by California reparation task force includes the requested to ease the burden of interest which accounts for 27% of the total payment.

The California reparation task force proposed that Black California residents should receive $1.2 million each in reparations to make amends for decades of racial injustice.

The total of Blacks residing in California is about 2.5 million people which are estimated to be 6.5% of California’s entire population.

The eligible residents that may receive these ‘reparations’ are only those African-Americans ancestors are of a chattel slavery victims or the descendant of a free black person living in the United States before the end of the 19th century, according to the California reparation task force.

The estimated amount that California might pay in total is $500 billion, which about $200 billion more than the annual budget of the state. Taxpayers of the state had contrasting opinions regarding this matter.

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California reparation task force listed more recommendations for reparations.


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