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Ohio State Budget: Gov. Mike DeWine Signs the Spending Bill

Ohio State Budget was signed by Gov. Mike DeWine after substantial discussions.

Ohio Governor, Mike DeWine. | Photo: Dayton Daily News

Gov. Mike DeWine signed the final Ohio State Budget that lawmakers finalized after thorough discussions about the operating budget. Lawmakers went through a lot of discussions before they came up with the finalized operating Ohio state budget.

The Ohio State Budget is intended for universal school vouchers, K-12 education refurbishment, and a fair school funding plan.

Senate President Matt Huffman said that he is delighted with the universal voucher plan the lawmakers agreed to in the finalized version of the Ohio state budget.

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Gov. DeWine stated that he is proud to sign the Ohio state budget. He added that he believe that what they’re doing is ample to provide and inspire the children of Ohio to have a prosperous and meaningful lives. The signed Ohio state budget is intended for residents of Ohio to have a lot of opportunities. DeWine mentioned the following intent in using the signed Ohio state budget:

  • providing top-notch health care for moms to expand
    access to quality early childhood education
  • ensuring teachers resources and skills needed for teaching
  • providing prevention and early interventions for those with mental and behavioral health struggles
  • increase access and opportunity for all types of training, certifications, and degrees
  • constant career development
  • Ensuring Ohioans to have a high quality life care as they age.

House Finance Chair Jay Edwards, R-Nelsonville, noted that the main objective for the budget discussion has always been education. He calls the provisions of the Ohio state budget a major achievement for Ohio.  Like Edwards, Senate President Matt Huffman also shares his delight with the universal voucher plan that the lawmakers approved in the finalized version of the Ohio state budget.

The Ohio state budget comprises major tax cuts. Residents of Ohio with an annual income amounting to less than $26,000 are exempted from paying an income tax. The said discussion about taxes is about reducing the income tax.

During the discussion in regard to the Ohio state budget, lawmakers removed some proposals and also voted to remove bans and other provisions.

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