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People Expressed Their Thoughts On The Shutdown of President Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness

People Expressed Their Thoughts On The Shutdown of President Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness (Photo: Yahoo News)

Following the shutdown of President Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan, many students and concerned citizens expressed their opinion on the matter.

A protest by student borrowers to cancel student debt. (Photo: Yahoo News)

Borrowers And Concerned Citizens Dismayed Over the Disapproval Of Biden’s Initial Student Loan Forgiveness Plan

Various news outlets interview many borrowers regarding the shutdown of Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan. Without a doubt, it was a piece of unpleasant news to hear as many students depended on its approval to cancel their student debts to the federal government. Fortunately, Biden was quick to announce a ‘plan B’ for his student loan forgiveness plan under a different route, which would work around the Supreme Court’s decision. This time, Biden has the Education Sector on his side to help young borrowers for the approval of another student loan forgiveness plan.

While there may be another student loan forgiveness plan already processed by the Biden administration, many borrowers and concerned citizens expressed their thoughts on the matter. Some encouraged students to be responsible in handling their school fees, some labeled the government as merciless, and some urged the government to look at the other side of their lives when they would think of shutting down another student loan forgiveness plan.

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Approval Of Biden’s ‘Plan B’ For Student Loan Forgiveness

At present, it is not clear whether Biden’s new student loan forgiveness plan would come to fruition. If it were to be approved, recent reports say that even with Biden’s new student loan forgiveness plan, some student debts may never be repaid.

Still, borrowers have no other choice but to wait and see for another studen loan forgiveness plan that is currently formulating by the Biden administration. The instances surrounding the Supreme Court’s decision of shutting down Biden’s first student loan forgiveness plan are somewhat valid, in a legal and political sense, but Biden assures borrowers nationwide that his new student loan forgiveness plan will be approved this time around.

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