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House Democrats Support Texas Property Tax Cut, Renters Could Get A Rebate

Texas property tax
House Democrats aims to cut Texas property tax in the state. (Photo: Unsplash)

The Texas House Democrats shared their insights on reducing Texas property tax in their state on Thursday and how renters could get a rebate under the proposal.

Texas property tax

House Democrats aim to cut Texas property tax in the state. (Photo: Unsplash)

House Democrats on Texas Property Tax Reduction

The members of House Democrats gathered on Thursday to tackle the Texas property tax reduction and how residents could get rebates under the bill. Aside from that, they also aim to provide pay raises for teachers annually.

According to Yahoo! Finance, members of House Democrats and Republicans showed their insights on reducing Texas property tax, led by State Rep. John Bryant. As per the report, state residents and apartment renters could get a rebate of up to 10% of their rent as part of the Texas property tax reduction.

“We cannot ignore the fact that renters have been left out of this conversation from the very beginning, and that is why we have been tirelessly fighting to include them,” said Rep. Christina Morales, as quoted in the report.

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Texas property tax

Texas House Democrats. (Photo: The Texas Tribune)

Aiming to Deliver $20.9 Billion Texas Property Tax Relief, Teacher Pay Raises

During the forum, the lawmakers revealed to provide $20.9 billion in Texas property tax relief, including lowering rent payments, teachers‘ pay raises, homestead exemption grants, etc., which led them to form House Bill 62. Austin American-Statesman reported that House Bill 62 will likely provide comfort to the teachers with its annual pay raises. 

With the Texas property tax reduction, renters also expressed their enjoyment when they heard the news. 

Aside from the Texas property tax reduction, House Bill 62 will also increase the allotment for public schools by $1000, Everything reported. 

The Texas property tax reduction plan will also cut school district tax charges, including maintenance and operations. 

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