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Speaker Robin Vos Promised to Restore $3.5 Billion Tax Cut – Vetoed by Gov. Tony Evers

Tony Evers' veto prompts Speaker Robin Vos to promise action to reinstate the tax decrease. Another is promised by Evers. (Photo: Yahoo Autos)

Gov. Tony G. Evers vetoed the proposal of Speaker Vos (Photo: The Badger Project)


The $3.5 billion income tax cut package that Governor Tony Evers mainly vetoed against the proposal of Speaker Robin Vos this week from the upcoming two-year state budget will be reintroduced, according to Assembly Speaker Robin Vos.

Speaker Robin Vos, a Republican from Rochester, said in an interview on WISN-AM on Thursday that Republican lawmakers “are planning to rise up and oppose” Evers’ vetoes of the income tax reduction plan proposed by Speaker Robin Vos by submitting another bill that will attempt to accomplish the same objectives.

When asked by conservative radio host Jay Weber if GOP lawmakers intended to consider a bill later this summer that would reinstate the tax cuts Evers vetoed, Speaker Robin Vos responded, “Exactly! That is to be done.”

At a stop in Wausau, Evers told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that he would oppose any new legislation that sought the same cutbacks so as the proposal of Speaker Robin Vos.

Speaker Robin Vos

All four income tax brackets would have been cut under the Republican plan against the proposal of Speaker Robin Vos, which would have concentrated relief on the wealthiest citizens.

The state’s highest earners who make a combined $405,550 per year as a married couple would have seen a 15% cut in their top tax rate, which would have dropped from 7.65% to 6.5%.

The second-highest rate, which applies to married filers with incomes between $36,840 and $405,550 per year, would have dropped from 5.3% to 4.4% by roughly 17%. Evers overruled both amendments.

The governor preserved the decreases for the third-highest tax rate against the proposal of Speaker Robin Vos, which applies to couples who make no more than $36,840 annually.

This rate would decrease by 5.4%, from 4.65% to 4.4%, and the bottom rate would marginally drop to 3.5%.

Thus, the proposal of tax reduction by Speaker Robin Vos will be revisited again once an amendment will be made as suggested as well by Gov. Tony Evers.

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