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2019 Tax Refund: IRS Announced Tax Refund Collection Deadline.

The 2019 Tax Refund deadline was announced by the Internal Revenue Service, nationwide. The IRS is urging taxpayers to file a tax return for the 2019 tax refund by July 17, 2023.

An estimated $1.5 billion for 2019 tax refund remains unclaimed. | Photo: iStock

The Internal Revenue Service also noted, along with the deadline announcement of the 2019 tax refund, that the number of people with unclaimed federal refunds is 1.5 million. The 2019 tax refund each tax filer will get will depend on their household’s tax status. A lot of low-income or workers with average incomes might be eligible to Earned Income Tax Credit.

Income limits qualifications for some eligible to EITC:

  • Single people without qualifying children must have an income limit below $15,570
  • Single people with one qualifying child must an income limit below $41,094.

The IRS also posted a list of basic and special qualifying rules for those who qualify for the EITC on their webpage.

The taxpayers’ 2019 tax refunds could be held if their 2020 and 2021 tax returns have not been filed, says the IRS. The IRS delineated how taxpayers can obtain crucial documents for their 2019 tax refund. For a faster processing, the IRS can also acquire a free wage and income transcript via Get Transcript Online tool.

The 2019 Tax Refund collection deadline is a critical date for taxpayers to meet in order to avoid penalties and negative consequences. In order to claim the 2019 tax refund, taxpayers are urged to file for a tax return. The IRS is imposing a penalty of 5% per month, which almost up to 25% of the unpaid tax, if the filing of the income tax return is done late.

As the 2019 tax refund deadline is drawing near, the IRS is urging tax payers to file as soon as possible.

Further details for the 2019 tax refund, are still visible on the Internal Revenue Service’ official website.

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