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Justin Welby Suggests Government Should Cut University Funding If Discrimination Occurs

Justin Welby
Justin Welby asks to cut funding if there is a university discrimination. (Photo: BBC)

Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, said that the government should cut university funding if a student got abused or insulted.

Justin Welby

Justin Welby asks to cut funding if there is university discrimination. (Photo: BBC)

Justin Welby Says No to Discrimination in Universities

The famous Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, showed no mercy to universities that allow discrimination. According to MSN, Justin Welby had given the government a piece of advice to cut university funding if a student got bullied. Justin Welby also said that they should threaten universities so they will not allow nor let their students do such things as that.

“Universities that allow it to be tolerated if there is systemic, ‘anti’ any category, whether it’s Jewish people, Jewish societies, whether it’s trans people – whatever it is, whether you agree with them or not – should have really quite serious consequences in terms of the recognition of their authority, their position,” said Justin Welby, as quoted by Premier.

Justin Welby

Photo: The Times

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Justin Welby, Other Faith Leaders to Criticize Illegal Migration Bill

Justin Welby and other faith leaders will gather on Wednesday to criticize Illegal Migration Bill, made by Rishi Sunak.

According to the Financial Times, Justin Welby will propose an amendment contradicting the Illegal Migration Bill. Justin Welby stated that the amendment he made is focused on their goals and efforts to intervene.

With his amendment, Justin Welby will establish a sanctuary for immigrants with justice and compassion.

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