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North Wildwood To Continue Bulldozing Beach Despite $12 Million Fines

North Wildwood
Beach work in North Wildwood. (Photo: New Jersey Monthly Magazine)

North Wildwood in New Jersey would not stop bulldozing sand beaches even if they were called out by the Department of Environmental Protection.

North Wildwood

Beach work in North Wildwood. (Photo: New Jersey Monthly Magazine)

North Wildwood Violating the Law

The Department of Environmental Protection accused North Wildwood of violating the law by eroding sand without permits from the agency.

According to CBS News, DEP Shawn LaTourette called out North Wildwood from doing destructive actions in tourism and risking the safety of the residents.

LaTourette also blamed the North Wildwood Mayor Pat Rosenello for allowing such issues in the town.

“I write today perplexed by the city of North Wildwood’s recent actions, which again break state law, violate a court order, and contradict our many productive personal discussions over the last six months,” said LaTourette in a letter, as quoted by The Press of Atlantic City.

North Wildwood

DEP Commissioner Shawn LaTourette. (Photo: New Jersey Globe)

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North Wildwood Residents Called Out Gov. Phil Murphy to Fix the Issue

North Wildwood beachgoers and residents put up signs calling Gov. Phil Murphy to fix dune erosion in their community.

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, the signs that were erected on North Wildwood beaches show the dispute between North Wildwood and the DEP.

The North Wildwood residents believe that LaTourette is not doing his job to stop the issue.

For DEP and LaTourette, they believe using heavy equipment on the sand can destroy animal habitats and even destroy natural plants on North Wildwood beaches.

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