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Two Suspects in Fort Worth Shooting Arrested by Texas Authorities

On July 2, 2023, just before midnight, a shooting broke out in Fort Worth, Texas, leaving three people dead and eight more hurt. (Photo: CNN)

On July 4, 2023, a procession celebrating the holiday begins along Horne Street in Fort Worth’s famed Como district. (Photo: The Dallas Morning News)


Two males were detained by Fort Worth police on Friday in connection with the Fort Worth shooting spree that left three people dead and eight others injured in Como.

In relation to the Fort Worth shooting, police detained Christopher Redic Jr., 20, and Brandon Williams, 19, according to Neil Noakes, the department’s chief, who spoke at a news conference on Friday. According to Internet police records, they were detained on suspicion of murder in relation to the Fort Worth shooting.

Before midnight on Monday, police say three males opened fire on a gathering that had gathered in the historic West Fort Worth area over two hours after Fourth of July celebrations had ended. The victims of the Fort Worth shooting were Paul Willis, 18, Gabriella Navarrete, 18, and Cynthia Santos, 22.

The Two (2) Primary Culprits of the Fort Worth Shooting (Photo: FOX 4 NEWS)

Noakes said he attended a gathering at the Como Community Center on Thursday night where locals, including some of the victims’ relatives, spoke about the pain and the heartache. At the conference in relation to the Fort Worth shooting, he said their lives were ripped from them “violently and senselessly.”

But Noakes claimed to have also heard about the Como neighborhood’s tenacity.

In spite of the sadness of the circumstance and the loss of young lives of Fort Worth shooting, Noakes remarked, “we saw a community who stood tall, rallied around one another, and loved one another.”

According to police, none of the injured were suspects from the Fort Worth shooting. Noakes remained mum regarding the evidence that prompted the detention of Redic and Williams. He noted that the males were from Fort Worth and had been detained there, but he was unsure if they were residents of the Como district.

The men’s legal representation and whether or if their bail has been set for the charges are also unknowns.

Noakes claimed there was some sort of fight prior to gunfire, although he was unsure of the shooters’ intended targets. Redic and Williams are thought to have fired rounds into the crowd, according to the police, but Noakes said he’s “not ready at this point to say they were the only ones.”

He explained to locals at the center how ComoFest must develop going forward and promised that the festival would undergo improvements.

Noakes stated that he is arranging community gatherings to discuss the best options for everyone’s safety, enjoyment, and avoid same scenario like the Fort Worth shooting.

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