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The Flooding in Oakland Motivated Renters to Protest Against Delayed Repairs from Landlord

Oakland renters who were displaced by water protest the landlord's sluggish repairs (Photo: CBS News)

Victims of Flooding in Oakland seen in their hotel lodging (Photo: CBS News Bay Area)

Devastated Tenants Who are Victims of the Flooding in Oakland Made a Protest Against Their Landlord

The consequences of the devastating winter storms are still being felt in OAKLAND. Some tenants in east Oakland who are victims of the flooding in Oakland, are still staying in hotels after their residences flooded on New Year’s Eve.

Tenants who were dissatisfied with their landlord, Michael Johnson, in Oakland, demonstrated on Sunday morning.

Tenant Dream Jasmine Braggs stated, “We are here because he still has a bedroom that he sleeps in, his own bathroom, and all of his possessions.

There were about 25 individuals who were victims of the flooding in Oakland chanting, “Housing is a human right” and “No more business for Michael Johnson.”

“He came out via his bedroom window only to observe and take pictures, but he didn’t even realize that we were his renters who are still living elsewhere now,” claimed tenant and single mother Faviola Abendano also a victim of the flooding in Oakland.

Fabiano also added that she attended the event with her two daughters to show support to other victims of the flooding in Oakland.

We won’t be silent any longer, and we demand solutions right away, Abendano declared.

East Oakland Tenants Union (Photo:

Johnson is the owner of the Coliseum Connections complex and the creator of UrbanCore Development. It is close to the BART station for the Coliseum. It has 110 units when it debuted in 2019. The remaining units are affordable housing, with the other half being rented at market rate.

On December 31, 2022, a strong storm caused the complex’s garage to flood and to lose power. After UrbanCore claimed to be out of money, FEMA stepped in to pay for lodging for those victims of the flooding in Oakland.

The flooding in Oakland made tenants more aggressive against their landlord who delayed some important repairs.

Many of the renters with the subsidized units claimed they couldn’t locate cheap accommodation, however, some residents had found new homes. They claimed that the sole means is to wait it out.

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