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Philadelphia Mass Shooting; Conservatives Pin the blame on a “Trans”

Philadelphia Mass Shooting; Conservatives Pin the blame on a “Trans” | The Philadelphia Sunday Sun

In a Philadelphia mass shooting Kimbrady Carriker, 40, was charged for murder and attempted murder, assault, and possession and carrying of firearms without license in public after a Philadelphia mass shooting incident.

Suspect Carricker, and a photo of him with long braided hair and in women’s clothing. | The Paradise News

During the Philadelphia mass shooting, the suspect, Kimbrady Carriker killed a total of 5 people and caused injuries to two children.

Conservatives are claiming that Philadelphia mass shooting suspect Carricker is a Transgender while the LGBTQIA+ advisory committee for the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office is saying that the suspect does not identify as Transgender but as a man.

Conservatives are falsely claiming that the suspect charged in a Philadelphia mass shooting is Transgender, following similar claims about a school shooting in Nashville.

Some Republican lawmakers started labeling the suspect as Transgender on social media even before the Philadelphia mass shooting name was released by authorities. This Philadelphia mass shooting incident gave conservative figures a chance on increasingly blaming mass shootings on Transgender people, coinciding with a rise in anti-LGBTQIA+ bills being introduced in state legislatures.

After the Philadelphia mass shootings, it was noted that even some authorities are referring to Carricker using they/them pronouns.

Some are pointing fingers that the Philadelphia mass shooting suspect was indeed a Transgender as some news outlets published photos of Carricker having braided long hair and wearing women’s clothing.

Although District Attorney Larry Krasner repeatedly referred to Carriker as a man, conservative lawmakers and conservative organization like Secure America are spreading sentiments claiming that Philadelphia mass shooting suspect is indeed a Trans and also a “BLM activist”.

Falsely claiming of a rise in Transgender mass shooters is raising concerns of the potential targeting of Transgender individuals. According to a gun violence expert, mass shootings by Transgender individuals are extremely rare.


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