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Race-Based Scholarships Under Fire Following The Supreme Courts’ Affirmative Action Ruling

After Supreme Court's affirmative action ruling, race-based scholarships under scrutiny (NBC News)

Following the Supreme Court’s recent affirmative action ruling, race-based scholarships are currently under the limelight.

Students in protest for diversity and equal opportunity in schools (Photo: The Hill)

Race-Based Scholarships Under Fire

Moments after the ruling of the court was issued Missouri’s Republican Attorney General Andrew Bailey sent a letter that mandates all the state’s colleges, public and private to implement the said decisions regarding race-based scholarships “immediately.” He wrote, “All Missouri programs that make admitting decisions by invalidating individuals based on their race – not limited to college admissions but also scholarships, employment, law reviews, etc. – should immediately adopt race-blind standards.”. The system of the University of Missouri stated that do not practice affirmative action during admissions and are predominantly white, at least until recently, race is considered as one of it as a variable in the said offering scholarships.

 A response to the letter stated that: “Those practices will be discontinued, and we will abide by the new Supreme Court ruling concerning legal standards that applies to race-based admissions and race-based scholarships.” 5.5% of students studying at MU Last year consists of Black and 5.3% were Hispanic. 3% were identified as Asian. Only 5% of the university’s total cost on scholarships last year went toward assistance for people of color.

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More On Race-Based Scholarships

Last Thursday, Robin Vos, the Republican speaker of Wisconsin’s state assembly, mentioned he’d work to dismiss race-based scholarships that existed in his state. Furthermore, Vos was responding to a tweet that argued numerous higher education aid programs in the state amount to discrimination regarding race-based scholarships under the court’s ruling. The tweeter, an attorney and alumnus of the conservative Christian Hillsdale College, indicates grants reserved for students with races such as Black, American, Hispanic, or Asian.

Thursday afternoon, Vos tweeted: “We are reviewing the decision and will introduce legislation to correct the discriminatory laws on the books and pass repeals in the fall,” also retweeting a user named Ivy League colleges “hate rural whites.” MSNBC blogger Ja’han Jones wrote “This apparent push to end minority scholarships is thinly veiled white “revanchism,”. After the ruling, Ed Blum, the architect of the cases challenging Harvard’s and the University of North Carolina’s anti-discrimination programs, said, “Virtually all race-based scholarships were already illegal as I understand the law.”

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