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Best Places to Visit in USA this Summer – Make Your 2023 Journey a Magical One

The main center of activity on the west side is Lake McDonald, the largest lake in the park. (Photo: U.S News)

Best summer vacation spots in America, according to US News & World Report (Photo: CNBC)


Summer is the time to take advantage of your time off, whether your dream trip is to a large metropolis, a national park in the United States, a tranquil beach, or a stay in a small town.

U.S. News evaluated a number of variables, including cost, weather, range of activities, traveler, and expert opinion, to determine the finest summer vacations in the USA. Appreciate what you see. Here are the best places to visit in USA this summer of 2023:

1. Glacier National Park in Montana

Glacier National Park in Montana, one of the best places to visit in USA, is renowned for its breathtaking natural features, which include more than 700 lakes, almost 200 waterfalls, and two significant mountain ranges spread across more than 1 million acres.

With typical daytime temperatures in the mid-80s, July and August are the greatest – and busiest – months to visit this must-see park, though higher elevations may still see colder temperatures and snow on the ground.

There is a ton of animals in Logan Pass, especially mountain goats, according tremendous visitors. (Photo: JEFFREY ROSS/GETTY IMAGES)

During these months this one of the best places to visit in USA, the renowned Going-to-the-Sun Road is typically open nonstop as well. You should take the opportunity to travel the park’s roads, go canoeing or kayaking on a lake, and hike some of the many beautiful paths.

2. Yellow Stone National Park

Each summer, nature lovers throng to Yellowstone, one of the best places to visit in USA, to witness the majestic eruptions of Old Faithful, hike through the vast Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, take in the hypnotic colors of the Grand Prismatic Spring, and observe wildlife.

Geysers, mineral pools, and other natural phenomena have all caused severe to death burns in people who have come too close. At all times, stay on the designated routes. (Photo: ART WAGER/GETTY IMAGES)

Summer is the busiest season for the national park’s trails, lodges, and visitor centers, which span Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho. But those who brave the crowds will be rewarded with perfect weather (normal highs are in the 70s and 80s).

3. Arizona’s Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon in Arizona, one of the best places to visit in USA, is busiest in the summer, but don’t let that stop you from planning a trip. You can take advantage of miles of picturesque driving and hiking paths on the North Rim, which is frequently less busy.

Consider parking your car and touring the South Rim on a bicycle if you want to stay put. The park advises against hiking between the hours of 10 a.m. and noon.

Rafting down the Colorado River is a fantastic opportunity to get a fresh perspective of the Grand Canyon. (Photo: DRAPER WHITE/GETTY IMAGES)

Alternatively, anyone wishing to enter the canyon on a hike or mule excursion should be aware that temperatures inside the canyon are substantially greater than above the rim, frequently rising above 100 degrees. to 4 p.m.

In order to achieve a magical journey this summer, consider these best places to visit in USA.

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