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Obama-Era DACA Program Could Lose Its Recipients Soon

Obama-Era DACA Program Could Lose Its Recipients Soon (Photo: WPTV)

immigrants from the new generation recipients could lose coverage to the Obama-era DACA program soon.

“Dreamers” fighting for the DACA program. (Photo: Reckon News)

DACA Program Could Lose Its Recipients

A Texas federal judge is prepared to make a decision any day on a lawsuit from states led by Republicans to the validity of the DACA program. The DACA program is an Obama-era program designed to protect immigrants during their stay in the US and would grant them the opportunity for jobs and education in the country. At present, the DACA program currently protects 600,000 recipients.

The Biden administration’s own version of the DACA program is currently being considered by Texas Judge Andrew Hansen. Although he is anticipated to reject this version of the DACA program, as he did before in the past, the policy will remain in place while appeals for the said program continue.

While the DACA program and legislation to put Dreamers on a path to citizenship are generally supported by the American public, some immigration experts claim that some Americans are unaware of how the DACA program falls short for children today or even how many of those children labeled as Dreamers are not eligible.

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Biden Administraiton’s Own DACA Program

People who missed the 2007 cutoff date would continue to be unqualified for the DACA program even if the high court upholds the program and permits the Biden administration to begin processing first-time DACA applicants.

Say if the DACA program was upheld in court, the Department of Homeland Security may implement some “discrete policy changes” to make it simpler for undocumented immigrants to use the current legal systems, such as by streamlining the application process for work permits, according to Kerri Talbot, deputy director of Immigration Hub.

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