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A Minnesota Man Allegedly Spent All of His Mother’s Money and Killed Her After

Troy Mitteness the man from Minesotta (Photo: True Crime Daily)

Troy Mitteness, a Minnesota man, allegedly killed his mother

After allegedly wasting all of his mother’s money, a 56-year-old man is in detention for allegedly killing and dismembering his mother last year.

An investigation into an alleged mail theft by Troy Mitteness, a Minnesota man by the Burnsville Police Department started in June, according to a probable cause statement, because some of the money taken was placed into his mother’s account.

Troy, a Minnesota man, initially informed the police that his mother Sandra Mitteness was in South Dakota when they asked to talk with her. Then he said she passed away on June 14, 2022.

When police searched Troy Mitteness’ house, they discovered Sandra’s obituary, which indicated that she had passed away on June 14, 2022. But when the authorities contacted the funeral home listed in the obituary, the funeral director “denied ever providing postmortem care or funeral-related services to the victim at any time.”

Burnsville Police launched a missing person investigation into Sandra Mitteness’ location after discovering that neither her family nor friends had seen her in a number of months.

Police: Son spends all of his mother’s money before dismembering her. (Photo: Knewz)

According to Troy Mitteness, a Minnesota man, his mother tumbled down the stairs in June 2022 and ended up in the hospital. He allegedly stated that she couldn’t welcome guests since she had COVID-19 when the family inquired about visiting.

Investigators reportedly discovered blood stains in the trunk after the relative gave police permission to check the vehicle.

Burnsville Police officers carried out a search warrant at Troy Mitteness’ residence on July 6. The stairs and mattress were apparently found to have a “indication of the presence of blood” during the investigation.

Mitteness, a Minnesota man, allegedly confessed to killing his mother during a conversation with police, saying that he did so “because he had spent all of her money, and she was becoming suspicious and wanted to see her finances.”

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According to court documents, Mitteness, a Minnesota man, admitted guilt to a charge of theft in June 2021.

The probable cause statement states that Mitteness “researched online how to kill an elderly person without poison and decided to stab her while she was in bed. He also researched the best spots to stab someone to make their death quick and painless.” Mitteness, a Minnesota man, is accused of killing his mother.

On June 2, 2022, he allegedly fatally killed his mother with a kitchen knife at his house. After several days, he dismembered her body and “placed her body parts in multiple different large plastic tote bins that he had in his garage.”

As he traveled from Burnsville to Appleton, Mitteness, a Minnesota man, allegedly “discarded parts of the victim’s body by throwing them in the ditch as he drove.”

According to the affidavit, Mitteness, a Minnesota man, dumped two plastic totes behind a dumpster at a closed rest area. However, the property owners discovered the totes and burned them.

On allegations of mail theft, aggravated forgery, and second-degree murder, he is being held at the Dakota County Jail.

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