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Authorities Found Body Parts As Home Décor In The Apartment Of An Illegal Firearms Suspect In Kentucky

Authorities Found Body Parts As Home Décor In The Apartment Of An Illegal Firearms Suspect In Kentucky (Photo; New York Post)

Investigators discovered a slew of body parts being used as home decoration as they were searching the home of an illegal firearms suspect.

James Nott (Photo: Court TV)

Remains Of Human Body Parts Used As Home Décor Found In A Man’s Apartment

When executing the search warrant at the house of James Nott, 39, on Tuesday, investigators reportedly found a variety of decomposed human body parts, including “skulls, spinal cords, femurs, and hip bone.”

In a recently made public affirmation, they described the horrifying image as the body parts were found on furniture and on the very bed where Nott sleeps. A skull even had a scarf wrapped around it When officials visited Nott at his home, he seemed to be honest with them and with the body parts, in particular.

At present, Nott is charged with possession of a firearm since he reportedly had weapons after being convicted in 2011 of having bomb-making ingredients and an unregistered explosive device in his possession as well as having a pistol while using marijuana illegally. Nott has not been accused by federal prosecutors of stealing human body parts.

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Nott spoke with co-defendant Jeremy Pauley on Facebook using the alias “William Burke,” which the authorities noted in a footnote, is the name of a 19th-century serial murderer, which is how Nott got on their radar, according to the authorities. Between 1827 and 1828, the actual Burke and his accomplice William Hare were active in Edinburgh, where they sold the body parts of their victims to Dr. Robert Knox, a lecturer at the University of Edinburgh’s Anatomy Department.

Nott reportedly made a post about human body parts for sale last June on Facebook. The FBI states that in addition to discovering “human body parts including approximately 40 human skulls, spinal cords, femurs, and hip bones” in Nott’s Mt. Washington apartment in Kentucky, detectives also discovered guns. An AK-47 and .38 special revolver, among others.

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