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Police Are Currently Investigating A Mass Shooting In Maryland

Police Are Currently Investigating A Mass Shooting In Maryland (Photo: WTOV)

Authorities are currently investigating a mass shooting in Maryland, which reportedly happened in Bladensburg.

An intersection that was closed off as part of the shooting investigation (Photo: Yahoo News)

Mass Shooting In Maryland Left Five People Injured

Five people, according to Bladensburg police, were sent to the hospital following a mass shooting in Maryland.

As investigators look into the mass shooting in Maryland, the intersection of Annapolis Road and Bladensburg Road was closed to traffic, according to Bladensburg police.

As reported by the Bladensburg Police, a news briefing will be held regarding the mass shooting in Maryland and it will be held at Bladensburg Waterfront Park. The said briefing will take place at 3:00 p.m. at the said venue. Updates about the mass shooting in Maryland will be the news briefing’s main agenda.

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Authorities Investigate The Mass Shooting

As reported by FOX 5 DC, several people were reportedly wounded in the mass shooting in Maryland. Three of the casualties rescued were listed in critical condition after being transported to a nearby hospital, according to the news outlet.

Officers from the Edmonston Police Department are currently assisting in the investigation of the mass shooting in Maryland, together with the Bladensburg police. The 4300 Block of Bladensburg Road was urged to stay clear of by locals “due to an isolated shooting incident that occurred,” according to Edmonston police.

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