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Shooting in Fargo North Dakota left An Officer Dead with Two More Critically Wounded; Culprit Also Killed

In Fargo, North Dakota, police crime tape was still there on Saturday, July 15, 2023, close to the intersection where two police officers were badly wounded on Friday, July 14, and one officer was killed. According to the authorities, a civilian was hurt in the incident, and the suspect was also dead. (Photo: ABC News)


Officers involved in the shooting in Fargo (Photo: Fargo PD)

One officer killed and two critically injured in the shooting in Fargo

According to a published article by CBS News on Friday afternoon in Fargo, North Dakota, a shooter opened fire on a busy roadway, leaving one police officer dead and two others in critical condition due to shooting in Fargo, according to police.

Before three o’clock in the afternoon, Fargo police officers opened fire, killing the man in the process.

Police stated in a statement on Saturday that a 25-year-old woman was also shot and critically injured during the shooting in Fargo. On how she was shot, the police gave no specifics.

Jake Wallin, a 23-year-old officer who had only been sworn in as one in April, was the one who was killed during the shooting in Fargo, according to Fargo police. A member of the Minnesota Army National Guard, he had also served.

The two injured officers were named April newcomers Tyler Hawes and Andrew Dotas, both of whom had been in the department for six years.

According to the authorities, Dotas and Hawes were both hospitalized on Saturday in critical but stable condition.
Zachary Robinson, a seven-year department veteran, was the officer who shot and killed the suspect.

According to officials on shooting in Fargo, Robinson was Wallin’s training officer at the time of the incident.

Who was the suspect of the shooting in Fargo?

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According to a report from ABC News, Mohamad Barakat, a Fargo resident who is 37 years old, was named as the suspect of the shooting in Fargo. Police added that after being brought to a hospital, he passed away.

Fargo Police Chief David Zibolski stated at a press conference on Saturday that the suspect fired for “no known reason at all.”

Zibolski declared, “This was an abominable and unthinkable act of aggression against our officers and against our community.” “That kind of conduct is obviously unacceptable.”

Drew Wrigley, the attorney general for North Dakota, stated there had been a “shooting in Fargo” and that the state’s Bureau of Criminal Investigation was collaborating with local, state, and federal law enforcement.

The aftermath of the shooting in Fargo (Photo: Chicago Tribune)

However, he gave no further information.

On Facebook, law enforcement organizations from the area expressed their sympathies for the Fargo police. The Fraternal Order of Police of South Dakota declared, “Considering of our fellow citizens in Fargo.”

The Minnesota Glenwood Fire Department requested that everyone “please keep the blue lights shining to show that we approve of not only our law enforcement officers but also those affected by today’s events!”

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