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Escaped Inmate Has Been Captured By The Police Nine Days After Escaping Pennsylvania Prison

Michael Burham, the escaped inmate (Photo: NBC2 News)

Nine days after escaping from a Pennsylvania prison, authorities in Warren County, Ohio, managed to apprehend an escaped inmate in the woods.

Michael Burham, the escaped inmate (Photo: NBC2 News)

Escaped Inmate From Pennsylvania Captured By Police, As Reported By PEOPLE

Police apprehended an escaped inmate from a Pennsylvania prison earlier this month after being on the run for nine days, according to officials. Residents in Warren County’s Conowingo Township called the Pennsylvania State Police just before 4:00 p.m. on Saturday to report a “suspicious individual” in the area. The Pennsylvania State Police responded and located Michael Charles Burham, the escaped inmate, as reported by Lt. Col. George Bivens stated during a press conference.

The escaped inmate who was deemed “dangerous” by authorities, had military training, and survival skills, successfully broke out of Warren County Prison last July 6. The escaped inmate was in prison over charges of arson and burglary.

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How The Escaped Inmate Was Captured, CNN Reports

According to Bivens, a married couple heard their dog howling and went to the back of their property, where they found the escaped inmate. They eventually found Burham, who was dressed in his prison garb from the inside out, after using a golf cart to search the area. The escaped inmate informed the couple that he was out camping.

Authorities used dogs to track down the escaped inmate from where he was last seen. When the escaped inmate was found, he was seemingly “tired and worn out.” Following Burham’s arrest, authorities set up an isolation cell at Warren County Prison just for him, where he would likely spend the weekend. Officials informed CNN that after his escape, he would be sent to a different prison from where he fled.

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