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Maryland Man, Arrested for Killing His Wife and Hiding the Body

Maryland Man, Arrested for Killing His Wife and Hiding the Body | CBS News

Maryland man Jean Jocelin Pierre, will serve decades of imprisonment for the brutal killing his wife,  Nerlande Foreste, and putting her body in a shipping container then throwing it in a dumpster. The shipping container with Foreste’s body is said to have been burned at a facility in Dickerson, Maryland.

Maryland man Jean Jocelin Pierre, and Nerlande Foreste. | Law & Crime

Maryland man Jean Jocelin Pierre, was said to have married his wife with the intention of obtaining a green card.

Montgomery County Circuit Court Judge Kevin G. Hessler indicted Maryland man, Jean Jocelin Pierre, the maximum sentence of 40 years in prison for the rare “no-body” murder case of Nerlande Foreste. Pierre is deemed guilty on one count of second-degree murder for Nerlande Foreste’s murder.

In a press release, the Montgomery County State Attorney’s Office stated that Maryland man Pierre fatally stabbed his wife on Aug. 21, 2019 in their home in the 20000 block of Rothbury Lane in Montgomery Village, almost 40 miles west of Baltimore, Maryland.

Pierre’s marriage to Foreste was said to be falling at the time of the murder, said Montgomery County State’s Attorney John McCarthy.

Jean Jocelin Pierre, is the third person in the country to have been convicted for a rare ‘no-body’ murder case, says Prosecutors.

Maryland man Jean Jocelin Pierre, came to the U.S as refugees and met then married Foreste, after he lost his first wife and his other children in the tragic earthquake in Haiti in 2010. Maryland man and his daughter who remains unnamed were the sole survivors among their family at the time.

Maryland man Pierre, reported that Foreste was missing, five days after killing her and only at the insistence of his daughter. Maryland man initially claimed that Foreste ran away with a man, which was refuted by his daughter.

Maryland man’s daughter testified that on the day Foreste went missing, after failing to pick her up on an event and not answering his phone, Maryland man also refused her daughter to check on Foreste after she came home. She also reported his suspicious behavior.

After Investigators found many evidence pointing to the murder, Maryland man’s daughter were eventually forced to testify against her father for the brutal murder of her stepmother.

CBS News reported that Maryland man Pierre is under custody without bond at the Montgomery County Detention Center.

READ MORE: Man who married woman ‘only for the purpose of obtaining a green card’ sentenced for killing her, hiding body in shipping container

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