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Escaped Inmate Michael Charles Burham, Found by a Couple’s Dog

Escaped Inmate Michael Charles Burham, Found by a Couple’s Dog | CNN

Extremely dangerous escaped inmate of Warren County Prison, Michael Charles Burham, was found by a couple’s dog while in hiding.

Escaped inmate Michael Charles Burham, was last reported to have escaped from the Warren County Prison in Pennsylvania last July 7 using bed sheets. The escaped inmate was labeled as an ‘extremely dangerous person due to his survivalist skills and to the number of crimes the escaped inmate, committed.

The Ecklund Couple and their dog, Tucker. | Business Insider Nederland

Though Authorities launched a manhunt to recapture the extremely dangerous escaped inmate, it was a dog who found escaped inmate Michael Charles Burham.

The escaped inmate was recaptured by the authorities with the help of a chocolate Labrador dog named Tucker who found the escaped inmates hiding in their backyard as the dog was running along the creek of the said backyard.

The Ecklund couple, Ron and Cindy who are the owners of Tucker, stated that as they did not see their dog return after running along the creek in their backyard, and decided to check on the dog, they spotted the escaped inmate.

At first the couple thought that the escaped inmate was just a fisherman. Ron questioned the escaped inmate on what it was doing in their backyard which the latter replied that he was camping. As the couple went back home, and they dialed 911 as they recognized the escaped inmate from his pictures before.

The escaped inmate was back in the hands of Pennsylvania authorities, but official reported plans not to send him back to Warren County Prison.

CNN reported that Authorities stated that the escaped prisoner was taken into custody around 6 p.m. almost 2 hours after the couple reported them at around 4 p.m. The law enforcement recaptured the escaped inmate with the help of police dogs tracking Burnham in the woods.

The escaped inmate, Brunham, will face numerous charges of kidnapping, aggravated assault, burglary, theft by unlawful taking, receiving stolen property, criminal trespass, fatal shooting and rape.

The Law enforcement recognized the Ecklund’s help, though the couple gives the praise to their dog, Tucker, by giving him a baked steak for dinner.

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