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Stabbing Spree at Oxford Sent Three People to Hospital – Suspect Also Charged with Trespassing at Walmart

Myliek Webb, 21, primary suspect of the stabbing spree in Oxford (Photo: WRAL NEWS)

Man is detained after a stabbing spree in North Carolina that injured three people. (Photo: NY Post)New records received by WRAL News on Tuesday afternoon provide additional information on a stabbing spree and the suspect.

According to paperwork retrieved from the Granville County Courthouse, there is a link between the stabbing spree and an earlier arrest.

Myliek Webb allegedly traveled through McDonald’s, Walmart, and the Granville County Administration building before stabbing his third and last victim in the parking lot of the latter two establishments, according to the police on the Oxford stabbing spree case.

Webb has also several criminal records from the court

According to a recent article published by Yahoo News, recently unearthed court records showed that Webb, the suspect in the stabbing spree, had previously encountered the law at the store.

Records show that Webb was charged with trespassing at the same Walmart in June, along with the accusation of going on a stabbing spree and destroying “cakes, pies, and snack plates” worth less than $200.

Webb, the culprit of the stabbing spree, was free on a $1,000 bond when the stabbing rampage occurred on Monday. This time, the judge has increased the stakes by requiring Webb to post a $3 million bond.

3 stabbings in Oxford at a McDonald’s, Walmart, and county office; suspect apprehended after chase (Photo: CBS 17)

According to additional documents, Webb was unable to make a payment on Monday and was subsequently sent to the North Carolina Department of Adult Correction for “safety and security” and “mental health treatment” while he waits for his subsequent court appearance regarding the stabbing spree case.

All three victims in this stabbing spree case—Edward Shaw, Robert Frazier, and Terry Hobgood—are identified in the court filings. Hobgood is recuperating at home, according to Granville County.

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