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Car Crash Victim Died Four Days After The Crash

Car Crash Victim Died Four Days After The Crash| iStock

Four days after the car he was riding in was struck by a wrong way driver, the car crash victim, Lucian Li, 19, died on the evening of July 18.

Car crash victim Lucian Li, a 2022 Manheim Township High School graduate where he was a star lacrosse athlete, died in the hospital, 4 days after a car crash.

Car crash victim, Lucian Li (very right) with his friends. | CBS 12 News

The car crash victim was an unfortunate victim of a wrong way driving.

The 19-year-old car crash victim was driving in Chester County in the early morning of July 14 when a wrong way driver on Route 202 crashed the victim’s car.  Car crash victim Li, was transported to Paoli Hospital for receiving life threatening injuries there he remained for 4 days until his passing.

The family of the car crash victim confirmed Li’s passing after Li’s life support around 10 p.m. of July 18. A statement issued on the car crash victim’s family behalf said loved ones, friends and hospital staff gathered at Li’s final moments.

The car crash victim’s family decided to donate Li’s organs to respect the car crash victim’s personal decision.

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The wrong way driver of the 2015 GMC Sierra that struck the 2022 Volkswagen Taos of the car crash victim was identified as Matthew DeAngelis, 42, of Delaware County.

In a CBS 12 News report, the officials stated that the car crash happened after Deangelis drove on the highway’s wrong lane and struck the car driven by the car crash victim Li. Authorities declared DeAngelis dead on the spot.

The Police said that during the accident Li was with a two passengers. The two passengers’ age 20 and 22 years old that were from Carmel, Indiana and Blacklick, Ohio was rushed to the hospital for sustaining critical injuries.

The names of the two passengers on the car crashed victim’s car have not been released.

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