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Tax Free Diapers in Florida is Now Official, Thanks to Gov. Ron DeSantis’ Tax Break Relief

Tax exemption for diapers begins on Saturday. (Photo: WSTP)

Baby essentials for the first 6 months (Photo: Seven Graces)

According to a published article from Spectrum News, thanks to a tax break relief measure passed by Governor DeSantis, it is tax free diapers in Florida now. Strollers and wipes are included in the now permanent tax break.

According to Denise Shorter, the respite is a blessing for numerous families especially the tax free diapers in Florida. She is the founder of the charity Women Empowering Each Other, which supports struggling mothers.

Aside from the tax free diapers in Florida, cribs, children’s clothing, and shoes for children under five are also included in the relied.

“Adding the tax free diapers in Florida also allows mothers to likely use that money for other things like food, rent, or transportation. Some of our mothers must board a bus,” she said.

Governor Ron DeSantis’ move for tax free diapers in Florida

According to an article published by Tampa Bay 10, the tax free diapers in Florida is a component of the historic relief package HB 7063 that Governor Ron DeSantis approved this year. State officials predict that families in Florida will benefit from the break to the tune of $2.7 billion.

Gov. Ron DeSantis on tax free diapers in Florida (Photo: The Guardians)

According to the governor’s office on the tax free diapers in Florida, the new law codifies $2.7 billion in tax savings for citizens, including exemptions for gas stoves, back-to-school tax holidays, and rent tax reductions, among other things.

The tax free diapers in Florida and other similar items were exempt from sales tax in Florida last year, which ran from July 1 through June 30. On July 1st, 2023, the new law became operative.

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