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Thomas County Property Taxes has not Raised in 10 years, a result of Sales Tax Revenue

Thomasville downtown in Georgia (Photo: Southern Living)

Revenue from sales taxes may result in Thomas County’s property taxes being reduced. (Photo: ABC 27)

Thomas County Property taxes have not increased in ten years

According to a published article from ABC  27, Debbie Hurst, a native of Thomasville, said: “On Saturday mornings you can’t even find a park because so many people from other places come here to shop.”

The best location to shop, according to Debbie Hurst, is in downtown Thomasville, whether you’re looking for back-to-school supplies, holiday gifts, or a fast trip for a dinnertime outfit.

Hurst remarked, “It’s just a great place. She claims she has spent her entire life shopping here.

She is now imparting the knowledge to her granddaughter.

Shopping is one of our favorite pastimes, Hurst said.

Customers like her are boosting local tax collections which made the decrease in Thomas County property taxes.

The manager of Thomas County claims that people shopping in downtown Thomasville generate significant amounts of sales tax that can decrease the Thomas County property taxes.

Will the Thomas County property taxes remain the same next year?

According to a published article from Yahoo News, Michael Stephenson, Thomas County Manager, on the decrease of Thomas County property taxes, said, “We are blessed with a strong local retail economy and that brings in sales tax so that the additional sales tax helps us cover the inevitable increase in operating government.”

Mike Stephenson in Thomasville (Photo: Thomasville-Enterprises)

Hence, they are not required to use funds from other sources, such as property taxes.

As a result, Thomas County property taxes have not increased for the past ten years. Stephenson believes that the following fiscal year won’t be any different.

The documents came to me from Stephenson on the decreased amount of Thomas County property taxes.

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For instance, the millage for incorporation in 2022 was 7.85. They suggest reducing that to 6.96.

That represents a loss of nearly 11%.

According to Stephenson, the county collected more than $5 million in sales tax income in 2022 alone which did not increase Thomas County property taxes.

The next County Commissioners’ meeting will be held on July 25, and new property tax figures will be discussed.

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