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Atlantic Writer David Frum received retaliation after accusing Pro-life Republicans lying on Women’s Abortion, not a basis for detention

In May 2019, supporters of abortion rights demonstrated in Sacramento, California, at the state Capitol. The state Senate on Monday passed a proposed constitutional amendment that would safeguard women's right to an abortion and access to contraceptives. (Photo: AP News)


Celeste Burgess, 19, was arrested on Thursday following her 90-day prison term. (Photo: The New York Times)

A Nebraska woman being referenced by Frum was sentenced to a 90-day detention

According to a published article from Fox News that after accusing pro-life Republicans of lying when they declared women would not face jail time for getting abortions once Roe V. Wade was overturned last year, Atlantic columnist David Frum faced immediate outrage.

David Frum stated in a tweet that was viewed more than a million times on Thursday night, “They swore up and down they wouldn’t put girls and women to prison for having abortions. They lied.”

In the third trimester of her pregnancy, Norfolk resident Celeste Burgess, 18, aborted a live kid with the help of her mother. Celeste later admitted to burning and burying the child.

David Frum referenced a Nebraska woman recently sentenced to 90 days in prison and two years probation for “concealing or abandoning a dead body.”

David Frum, an Atlantic Writer posted on Twitter about gruesome illegal abortion (Photo: American Academy in Berlin)

Burgess’ mother had bought abortion drugs for her daughter to use online, breaking state legislation that was in effect at the time and forbade abortion beyond 20 weeks of pregnancy.

David Frum received immediate retaliation from Twitter conservatives

According to an article published by News Wav that David Frum claimed, “Will the policing and punishment of women be an important issue in 2024 when the new surveillance regime was still largely hypothetical?

A Twitter post by David Frum (Photo: Twitter)

Conservatives on Twitter reacted angrily to Frum’s posts backing the mother who admitted to burning and burying the aborted child.

According to some Twitter users, David Frum misled his followers when he described the allegations because the woman was merely charged with improperly burying and concealing a dead corpse.

According to another conservative user, David Frum was accused of trying to mislead his followers.

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He tweeted, “Happy to clear that up for you. This was a DIY abortion of a viable third-trimester fetus, followed by the illicit disposal of the corpse.

The latter is what she was incarcerated over & was illegal before Dobbs.

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