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Disgraced Police Officer; Botched Gilgo Beach Murder Case and Seems to Have More Skeletons In His Closet

Disgraced Police Officer; Botched Gilgo Beach Murder Case and Seems to Have More Skeletons In His Closet | People Magazine

The disgraced police officer who was said to have botched the Gilgo Beach murder case seems to have been charged for committing other crimes.

The Gilgo Beach murder case that the disgraced police officer botched was the case where 11 bodies were discovered along the Long Island’s South Shore, in 2012 in which the suspect was named as Rex A. Heuermann.

Gilgo Beach Murder Case Suspect, Rex A. Heuermann. | CNN

Disgraced police officer James Burke, 59, botched and blocked out the investigation of the FBI and other agencies on the Gilgo Beach murder case.

The disgraced police officer of Suffolk County where he was the police chief once served federal prison time for beating up Christopher Loeb for stealing his dildo and porn stash in 2012.

According to court records and various reports, the disgraced police officer also had trysts with hookers while stoned, and the disgraced police officer once fled from a drunken wreck. John Ray, the attorney who represents the families Gilgo Beach victims, Jessica Taylor and Shannan Gilbert once presented an escort who have claimed to be the fling of the disgraced police officer.

Disgraced police officer James Burke. | New York Daily News

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The police took too long to solve the Gilgo Beach murder case because of the obstruction done by the disgraced police officer and his peers.

In a Daily Mail report, the disgraced police officer Burke, was said to have removed the FBI in the Gilgo Beach murder investigation when he allegedly found out that the FBI was also looking into his past scandals.

Suffolk County DA Thomas Spota, 79, and former Anti-Corruption Bureau chief, Christopher McPartland, were also convicted last December of 2019, aside from the disgraced police officer, Burke who was convicted in 2016 for obstruction of justice and violation of a victim’s civil rights.

Spota and McPartland were convicted; for conspiracy, obstruction of justice, and witness tampering and civil rights violations for helping to cover the actions of the disgraced police officer.

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