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 Justice has been served in the murder of LSD dealer Kyle James; an East Texas man was sentenced to 25 years in jail.

Jace Weeks is found guilty of the shooting of a 31-year-old Kyle James. (Photo: Fox News)

The suspect in the death of the LSD dealer was found guilty after the gunshot crime happened at the Memorial apartment complex; after five years, justice has been served.

LSD Dealer, Kyle James. He is about to go to someone to buy a LSD and the shooting incident happened. (Photo: Fox News)

East Texas Man is Guilty!

Kyle James, a 31-year-old LSD dealer, was shot in the head with a 22-caliber rifle on April 30, 2018, by an East Texas man. The victim’s body was discovered inside his car in the Memorial apartment building’s parking garage. The victim had intended to meet someone to purchase some LSD when the shooting tragically occurred.

According to the Houston Police Department, who looked into the case, they found of the inspection of CCTV footage from the apartment complex as a result of their investigation. As soon as the identity of the vehicle’s owner was made known by the CCTV, the authorities took action.

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25 years imprisonment of Jace Weeks

Bryan Honeycutt, an assistant district attorney who handled the case and prosecuted it, said in a Fox News piece that it was crucial for the James family that the murderer should be brought to justice and pay accountability for the crimes he committed.

After 20 years in prison, Jace Weeks will be approved for parole.

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