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Rising Crime in Ecuador Sparks Concern Among Residents

Rising Crime in Ecuador Photo by: (Council of Foreign Relations)

The rising crime and violence cause concern to the residents of Ecuador’s largest city.

Rising Crime in Ecuador – Photo by: (DW)

Residents’ Concern in The Rising Crime in Ecuador

In 2023, the average of death reaches 7 lives a day due to the surge of crime in Ecuador, specifically in the city of Guayaquil. With a doubled crime rate than last year, crime in Ecuador increases big time.

“It’s unfortunate that we had to isolate ourselves while the criminals roam freely outside, but we had no other choice if we wanted to feel safe.,” Johana Torres expressed her regret, as a resident. The eruption of drug gang wars on the streets was seen as a significant factor that brought about the rising crime in Ecuador, the authorities pointed out.

Prosecutors provided figures stating that there were 1,603 extortion cases between January and June this year. Additionally, a noticeable increase in comparison to 2021 with 425 cases and 1,265 cases in 2022.

Neighborhood in Ecuador – Photo by: (BBC News)

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Walls to Keep Criminals Away

Due to the undeniable rising of crime in Ecuador, the residents are making means to protect their neighborhoods against criminals in the city.

According to Council on Relations, the land of Ecuador used to be the least violent country for decades. Sadly now, compared to Mexico, Ecuador ranks the region’s fourth highest homicide rate.

Eventually, the neighborhood also installed six gates in December for protection and prevention of outsiders entering the area. Most residents are utilized gates to keep their families secured and away from criminals.

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