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Boat crash in the Lake of the Ozarks; BWI charges issued against the driver


After a boat in the Lake of the Ozarks ran aground and collided with a house, eight injured passengers were transported right away to the hospital.

Boat Crash in the Lake of the Ozarks. (Photo: MISSOURI STATE HIGHWAY PATROL)

Driver charges to BWI, according to police

Driver Adam Ramirez, 47, of Huntington, California, was detained after his erratic behavior caused the boat to depart the water and crash into a house, forcing it to flip and eject eight passengers.

Just before midnight on Saturday, the Missouri State Highway Patrol responded to the collision after troopers reported that the boat left the water and collided with a house, forcing it to flip and ejecting all eight occupants.

According to the incident report published by CBS News, none of the victims had any kind of protective equipment.

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Boat Crashing Incident

The boat crash in the Lake of the Ozarks inflicted significant damage to the house and debris in the yard. A reservoir called the Lake of the Ozarks can be found in central Missouri’s northern Ozark Mountains.

According to an incident record of the boat crash, the accident resulted in the transportation of four women and four men, aged 21 to 51, to a hospital for treatment of moderate to serious injuries The other two victims had only minor wounds.

Authorities have posted numerous images of the crash. Based on the images, the highway patrol reported that the one-story brick beachfront property “sustained extensive damage,” including a collapsed front porch, crumbling bricks pulled away to the base, and an uncovered roof. The front yard is littered with wooden steps that were initially part of the porch but now lead seemingly nowhere.

As of the moment, the police officers are waiting for the driver to be discharged to hear his statement. The boat crash incident and affected homes are under reconstruction.

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