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Maya Millete’s family continues searching for their missing mom: ‘I still have hope. I still have that hope that we’ll find her alive.’

Maya Millete's Husband before his disappearance. (Photo: NY post)

The big question is, what happened to Maya Millete? Where is Maya Millete now?

Maya Millete, a 39-year-old mother of three children is still missing more than a year ago in Chula Vista, California. She disappeared from her home in January 2021. A vigil was conducted by Maya’s family and friends in January 2022 to mark the first year of her disappearance.


Maya Millete’s family continues searching for her missing disappearance. (Photo: CBS News)

The search operation continues to Millete’s Disappearance

Investigators are looking closely into the possibility of the involvement of her husband Larry who happened to have marital troubles before Maya’s disappearance.

According to a report from CBS News, Larry Millete was served with a restraining order from using firearms in May 2021. Investigators had discovered a picture of guns on Larry’s phone, which was one of the causes.  The couple’s 4-year-old boy was shown in a different picture that had been censored, surrounded by firearms.

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Maya Millete’s Family is still hopeful to locate her whereabouts

Maya Millete’s family, specifically her sister Maricris and her husband Richard Drouaillet, put up an uphill battle to keep the case active and prevent it from turning dead case. The whereabouts of Maya Miller are being actively sought out by numerous volunteers and strangers. They all continue to look for Maya Miller outside of San Diego County.

The family of Maya Miller really thinks that behind the missing case of Maya, there is somebody out there that knows something. They plead that if someone knows the location of Maya, they should come forward and bring her home.

The search operation is still ongoing and if you have information on the case, contact the Chula Vista Police Department at 619-691-5139.

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