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Prosecutor Daniel Steffen was detained due to a sex recording with a woman while litigating her, “winks several times” on clip

Trial dates set in Steffen case (Photo: Burnett County Sentinel)

For covertly recording his sex with women without their consent—and, in the instance of one of the victims, after promising leniency in the ongoing case against her—Prosecutor Daniel Steffen has received his prison sentence.

According to a published article from Law&Crime, for using his iPad to record himself having intercourse with two different women in three different meetings in 2018, 52-year-old Daniel Steffen will serve 18 months in prison.

In April, he was found guilty on three counts of taking an intimate picture without permission in a setting where one may reasonably expect privacy.

He might have spent up to 10 1/2 years in prison.

Daniel Steffen, who was at the time an assistant district attorney in Burnett County, Wisconsin, was prosecuting one of the women, known as Victim 1 when she first met him.

According to the criminal complaint against Daniel Steffen, “Victim #1 claimed she first encountered the defendant at a pretrial conference for a case where she was accused of disobeying a restraining order obtained by the father of her child.”

The ADA in charge of the case was the defendant.

The complaint claims that at that pretrial session, Daniel Steffen offered Victim 1 his phone number.

According to a published article from AP News, after exchanging texts for a few days, the two allegedly began having sex, including “at his office during work hours,” the complaint claims.

According to a witness tip, Victim 1 “had openly talked about having sexual relations with a Burnett County Assistant District Attorney (ADA) in exchange for leniency on criminal cases the female had pending in Burnett County.” This tip made investigators aware of the situation.

Investigators executed a search warrant at the residence of Daniel Steffen and found the unlawfully filmed sexual encounters on a “black iPad from the dresser of the master bedroom.”

In addition to his jail sentence, Daniel Steffen is also required to complete four years of probation, two years of extended supervision, and ten years of registration on Wisconsin’s sex offender register.

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