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Mayor Brandon Johnson Discusses City’s Budgets for Youngsters at Harold Washington Library

Mayor Brandon Johnson kicks off a roundtable conversation for Chicago’s youth on how to become stewards of their own fate and eventually effective leaders. A vision of optimism and an ambassador of young minds who construct a meaningful direction for them.

Chicago's future under Mayor Brandon Johnson

Mayor Brandon Johnson Addresses all the concerns of the youngsters during the roundtable discussion at Harold Washington Library. (Photo: Chicago Sun Times)

Mayor Brandon Johnson’s Vision to the Youngsters in Chicago

Chicago youth aged 13 to 24 from the city’s south and west districts took part in the roundtable discussion. Mayor Brandon Johnson addressed all of the concerns of the youth in education and societal issues, which led to a substantial exchange of points.

During the discussion, Mayor Brandon explains his vision and assures Chicago’s youngsters that he will be vigilant and protect all people’s rights. When the government takes office, it will establish programs that will benefit all Chicago youth.

In an article released by the Chicago Sun Times, Mayor Brandon Johnson says, “Do not hold back, and I promise you I will take your feedback to heart. Johnson told the crowd, “You truly are the greatest asset of the city of Chicago, and in the coming weeks, my administration will put together a full report to help lay out what our priorities will be. The input that you provide us today will be top of mind as we chart out the future of our great city.” This exemplifies that a progressive future is the main priority of Mayor Johnson for Chicago.

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Mayor Brandon Johnson Promises to City’s Budget for the Youngsters

Mayor Brandon is confident that all of the youth budgets will be provided to them during his term. He pledged to protect children’s rights and the financial resources that should be made available to them. He said it at the mayor’s office during a roundtable discussion about affordable housing, environmental justice, public safety, and community development.

In order to prevent violence in many areas, youth lobbied for the construction of new mental health centers as well as the creation of strategies to include students outside of the classroom.

“Do not hold back, and I promise you I will take your feedback to heart,” Johnson told the crowd during the Roundtable discussion that happened on Tuesday, as the city’s youngsters were able to listen and ask for solutions from the mayor. This was released from the published article in The Chicago Sun Times.

Mayor Brandon Johnson encouraged the event’s younger guests to speak up at their respective tables, assuring them that city officials would carefully examine their views.

Officials present were Chicago Department of Public Health Commissioner Dr. Allison Arwady and city Budget Director Annette Guzman, who wandered around and listened to the conversations. Hundreds of young people from the city were given the chance to engage in the  discussion

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Chicago's future under Mayor Brandon Johnson's administration.

Youngster attended the roundtable discussion at Harold Washington Library. Mayor Brandon Johnson discusses his plans with the youngsters. (Photo: Chicago Sun Times)

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