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Taylor Schabusiness Trial: Witnesses Disclose Details in Shad Thyrion’s Horrible Murder Investigation

The court has been doing an in-depth investigation into the case of Taylor Schabusiness, an alleged Wisconsin woman suspected of killing her lover, assaulting sexually him, chopping off his head, and ripping apart the remaining parts of his body. Thyrion’s body components have been identified in plastic bags, a storage container, a bucket, and a box in Schabusiness’ van.

Taylor Schabusiness Trial for Allegedly Murdering Her Lover. (Photo: Crime and News Channel)

Taylor Schabusiness Trial in the Court

Witnesses continue to be interrogated as part of the investigation into the grisly murder case of Shad Thyrion, whose body was uncovered dismembered inside a box in Schabusiness’ vehicle; one witness said that he spotted blood on Taylor Schabusiness.

According to a Law and Crime article, law enforcement officers discovered a human head and genitalia. Schabusiness’ hands seemed to be bloodstained.

A report from deputies, Schabusiness had blood on her clothes. In the entertainment center, there was a methamphetamine pipe and a green gym baggie containing a crystal substance.

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Witnesses Statements to Taylor Schabusiness Murder Case

Kevin Scott, the DNA analyst at the Wisconsin State Crime Laboratories, stated that he studied a variety of evidence seized at the crime site and tested it against Taylor Schabusiness and Shad Thyrion’s DNA.

Schabusiness appears to be content when the witnesses and jury arrive for the hearing. She continues to smile at random remarks and pieces of proof.

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Taylor Schabusiness Trial: Witnesses Disclose Details in Shad Thyrion’s Horrible Murder Investigation. (Photo: Crime and News Network)


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