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Too Much Love Can Kill: The Taylor Schabusiness Murder Case

Too Much Love Can Kill: The Taylor Schabusiness Murder Case | Cafe Mom

Taylor Schabusiness, 25, was accused of decapitating her boyfriend, Shad Thyrion, after “eventually” murdering him while having sex.

On Feb. 23, 2022, the Green Bay Police Department received a call from Taylor Schabusiness’ boyfriend’s mother around 3:25 a.m. saying to have found a human head in their basement.

Graphic details of the decapitation, and Taylor Schabusiness smiling. | Law & Crime

The police responded to Thyrion’s mother’s house after receiving the report about a decapitated head found in Thyrion’s mother’s basement. When the police arrived, they were escorted to the basement by Thyrion’s mother.

There, they found a 5-gallon bucket with a decapitated head with strangulation marks, 2 knives, bodily fluid and a penis. In the basement, other body parts were also found stored in plastic shopping bags. The knives found in the crime scene were a carving knife and a bread knife. Thyrion’s upper torso and several internal organs were found in a storage tote. The torso was said to have numerous cuts to the side.

The mother of Taylor Schabusiness’ told detectives that she last saw Shad Thyrion alive last Feb. 21, after Thyrion left home with Taylor Schabusiness at 9:30 p.m. Meanwhile, Thyrion’s mother’s boyfriend said that he recalled seeing Thyrion and the defendant, Taylor Schabusiness, came home and immediately went into the basement later that night.

The victim’s mother said that Shad Thyrion and Taylor Schabusiness stayed in the basement the following day for a whole day and that before going to bed she remembered seeing Taylor Schabusiness’ minivan outside the house. She said she heard the minivan driving away before finding the said bucket.

According to the investigator, Taylor Schabusiness cut off Thyrion’s head, sexually assaulted him before dismembering the rest of Thyrion’s body.

The officers found Taylor Schabusiness at a nearby apartment complex where Taylor Schabusiness seems to be leaving when she saw investigators and stopped in her tracks.

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The detectives said that Taylor Schabusiness had a smear on her hand and on the front of her sweatshirt and sweatpants there seem to be what appeared to be blood. Taylor Schabusiness was then taken into the Green Bay Police Department and was questioned about the murder of her boyfriend.

At first, Taylor Schabusiness responded that ‘it was really fu**ed” after the police relayed to her what they found, but Taylor Schabusiness later on admitted what happened and that she passed out after smoking methamphetamine.

Taylor Schabusiness said that she and her boyfriend Thyrion, often used chains and strangulation techniques during their sexual activities. The chains were silver and resembled dog choke collars. Taylor Schabusiness admitted to going “crazy” during their latest tryst, strangling the victim.

She could feel the victim’s heartbeat while choking him and continued to choke harder, but the victim did not die immediately. After about three to five minutes, Thyrion eventually died, and Schabusiness played with the body for a couple of hours. Taylor Schabusiness allegedly asked the detectives if they “knew what it was like to love something so much that you kill it.”

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A new attorney, Christopher Froelich, will represent Schabusiness in her trial as her first defense attorney, Quinn Jolly, backed out after Taylor attacked him during her court appearance.

A judge deemed Schabusiness fit to stand trial, and a jury (including four alternates) has been selected. Schabusiness will be facing charges for first-degree intentional homicide, corpse mutilation, and third-degree assault.

WBAY reported that Schabusiness’s defense attorneys were unsuccessful in their attempts to prove her incompetence to stand trial, just hours before jury selection. The trial consists of two potential phases, the first phase is dedicated to determining if she is guilty of three felony charges in Thyrion’s case from February 2022.

If Taylor Schabusiness is found guilty, the second phase will examine whether she is responsible for the crime or if she suffered from a mental illness or defect. The trial is expected to last one week, concluding on Friday.

The first trial was recorded live.

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