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Police Claims that a California Woman got out of a Car Naked and Fired a Gun at a Major Bridge in the San Francisco Bay Area

Naked woman with gun at eastbound Bay Bridge approach. (Photo: CBS News)

A Naked California woman was arrested after firing on air and other motorists (Photo: KTVU)


According to a report published by CBS News, the California Highway Patrol said that a driver exited her car naked and began firing a rifle into the air at a significant Bay Area bridge on Tuesday.

Around 4:40 p.m., the CHP received a report of a careless driver on Interstate 80 eastbound. The caller informed the 911 operators that the driver seemed to be carrying a pistol.

The San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, often known as the Bay Bridge or I-80, was halted, according to the CHP, and the driver stepped out while brandishing a knife and yelling at other motorists.

Reentering the vehicle, the California woman soon came to a stop next to the toll booth.

This time, the CHP claims that the California woman fled the vehicle bare-chested with a revolver in hand and started shooting into the air and at nearby cars.

The police detained the California woman. She was taken in an ambulance from the bridge.

The California woman may have experienced mental health crisis

According to a published article from Kron4 News, the California Highway Patrol reported that a California woman who stripped off got out of her car, and shot a gun at the Bay Bridge during Tuesday’s evening rush hour was having a mental health crisis.

Intense situation at Bay Bridge area after shooting incident (Photo: Yahoo News)

Confounded motorists initially believed that the bridge’s bottleneck was the result of a collision. The woman’s abandoned vehicle was in the center of the lanes of Interstate 80.

Drivers became aware of the danger when they saw the naked California woman wandering alongside the bridge with a knife and a revolver.

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Witnesses reported to 911 dispatchers that the California woman was screaming, waving weapons, and attempting to get into other vehicles.

Around 4:30 p.m., terrified drivers started dialing 911.

The California woman was told to drop the gun when the police arrived, and after complying amicably, she was brought into custody.

Before any potential criminal charges are brought, the California woman will be assessed by mental health professionals, according to CHP officials.

Officers temporarily closed several lanes of traffic to search for shell casings. That led to significant delays.

There were no reported injuries.

Her identity remained a secret.


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