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1-Year-Old Girl Dies After Being Left In A Car’s Backseat For 8 Hours

1-Year-Old Girl Dies After Being Left In A Car’s Backseat For 8 Hours | Cafe Mom

A 1-year-old girl dies after being left in a car’s backseat for 8 hours after her grandmother forgot to drop her off at a daycare before going to work.

1-year-old girl, Chyasia Evans. | 7NEWS

In Smithtown, N.Y., authorities said that a 1-year-old girl died after the grandmother of the 1-year-old girl left her in the backseat of her car for eight hours.

The 1-year-old girl was identified as Chyasia Evans; the poor 1-year-old girl was taken to the hospital but was later declared dead. A vigil was held in the parking spot where 1-year-old girl, Chyasia died and her mother, Jessica Watkins, was present, holding an Elmo doll presumably Chyasia’s favorite toy.

In a news statement the Suffolk County Police said that the grandmother forgot to drop off the 1-year-old girl, at a daycare center in Redwood Lane while heading to her job. After her work, the grandmother was said to have gone on her way to pick the 1-year-old girl at the daycare but soon realized that she forgot to drop the 1-year-old girl at the aforementioned daycare.

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The police are investigating the case, and no charges have been filed yet in regards to the tragic death of the 1-year-old girl.

The aunt of the 1-year-old girl said that the daycare Chyasia were meant to be dropped off did not contact Chyasia’s guardian/s to inform them that the 1-year-old girl was not on the daycare.

In a CNN report, the 1-year-old girl is the 15th child to die in hot vehicle this year. It was mentioned in the report that on the day of the incident, the temperature was 83 degrees and that inside a temperature can rise up to 20 degrees in just 10 minutes, enough to cause a hyperthermia.

The body temperature of the 1-year-old girl during the incident was said to have had risen to 106 degrees. The safety administration said that children can die when their body temperature rises to 107 degrees.

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