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Minneapolis Shooting Left a Man Fatally Killed at a Traffic Stop According to Police Officials

A man was shot at a traffic stop in Minneapolis (Photo: MPR News)

A man was fatally shot and killed at a traffic stop

During a traffic stop, Minneapolis police fatally shoot a man. (Photo: New York Times)

After one of them fatally shot a man during a traffic check early on Monday in Minneapolis, three Minnesota State Patrol officers are on leave, and the state is looking into the Minneapolis shooting, according to the authorities.

In a published report from CNN, the state patrol’s chief, Col. Matt Langer, said in a news conference on Tuesday, “This is just a tremendously sad situation.” The troopers’ names have not been made public.

The man’s face is blurred in body-worn camera footage released by the state patrol on Tuesday; but, his family has recognized him as Ricky Cobb II, the fallen victim during the Minneapolis shooting.

Law enforcement has also not published the name of the driver who was murdered during the Minneapolis shooting.

“I am so hurt. I’m confused. I’m speechless,” Cobb’s mother, Nyra Fields-Miller, said during a news conference Tuesday about the Minneapolis shooting.

According to Langer, the tragic encounter started when officers stopped a car that was driving down Interstate 94 without its taillights on.

Additionally, the driver was sought by Ramsey County law enforcement on a felony Order for Protective violation, according to Langer.

Cobb, the fallen victim of the Minneapolis shooting, can be heard being spoken to by a trooper through the driver’s side window in the body camera clip. Asking him to exit the vehicle, the trooper explains, “We just have some stuff to talk about.”

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The Black driver requests a more thorough justification. Cobb who was murdered during the Minneapolis shooting, refuses to get out of the car after the trooper tells him that the stop is unrelated to a warrant when he asks if there is one.

In a published report from Albany Herald, body camera and dashboard camera footage reveal that the first trooper unlocks the front driver’s side door first, then the second trooper opens the front passenger side door and makes an effort to physically remove Cobb which ended in a Minneapolis shooting.

The dashboard camera footage shows that the automobile appears to be moving forward before the Minneapolis shooting started.

In the course of the Minneapolis shooting incident, a state patrol trooper fired their gun, according to Langer.

According to Langer also, the trooper who fired was the one who was positioned at the front passenger-side door.

The Minneapolis shooting is being looked at by the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, a different state law enforcement organization.

The Hennepin County Attorney’s Office will next be given the case and decide whether to press charges, a representative for the office told CNN.

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