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Zimbabwean Opposition Party Claims One Member Stoned To Death By President’s Supporters

Zimbabwean Opposition Party Claims One Member Stoned To Death By President’s Supporters| News24

Zimbabwe’s main opposition party said that one of its members was beaten and stoned to death by the President’s supporter while the said member was on his way to a political rally.

The main opposition party Citizens Coalition for Change, said that one of their opposition party member was allegedly ambushed and stoned to death. The claims happened three weeks prior to the country’s general elections.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa | EWN

The main opposition party Citizens Coalition for Change did not present any evidence to support their claims of the said incident.

Amidst the claim of the opposition party of its supporters being stoned to death by the alleged members of the ruling party, no evidence has been provided to support this claim. The police confirmed that a person was killed due to public violence, but did not mention the person’s political affiliation.

The opposition party spokesperson, Fadzayi Mahere, said that opposition party member Tinashe Chitsunge was attacked and pelted with stones by activists from the ruling ZANU-PF party, while they’re on their way to a rally in Harare.

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Prior to the country’s general elections there have been allegations of President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration resorting to violence and intimidation to suppress opposition.

In a Daily Maverick report, the opposition party recently claimed that members of the opposition party are being subjected to violence and intimidation by the functionaries of the ruling party in several parts of the country. However, the ruling party has always denied the claims of the opposition party.

In the aforementioned report, it was said that the ‘stoning incident’ happened after the Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) in Zimbabwe has overturned a decision by the High Court that disqualified 12 parliamentary candidates from the opposition party CCC after the Zanu-PF activists claims that the candidates of the opposition party filed its nomination papers after the deadline. Though, the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission confirmed that the candidates from the opposition party filed on time.

The SCA’s decision allows the opposition candidates to remain on the ballot, preventing Zanu-PF from running unopposed in some areas. The said decision of the SCA was considered a slap to Mnangagwa’s face.

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