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Assault Trial for Actor Jonathan Majors Reschedule to September to Give Prosecutors Preparation Time

After being charged with assault, Jonathan Majors no longer attends A-List fundraisers (Photo: Newsweek)

The domestic abuse trial for actor Jonathan Majors was delayed until at least September 6 after New York City prosecutors requested additional time to prepare on Thursday.

Jonathan Majors face domestic violence charges (Photo: Entertainment Weekly)

Jonathan Majors, 33, showed up in court to begin his trial on charges arising from an altercation with a lady in March, who claims Jonathan Majors forced her arm behind her back, punched her in the head, and forced her into a car.

In a report published by AP News, the woman had minor neck and head injuries, including an ear cut, at a hospital.

Jonathan Majors face minor charges, including assault, and if found guilty, may get a sentence of up to a year in jail.
After the Manhattan district attorney’s Office prosecutors asked for more time for discovery, the judge established a new tentative trial date of September 6 as a result.

After the hearing, Jonathan Majors left the courtroom, saying goodbye to some of the spectators. Jonathan Majors once touched a woman who was sitting close to the door with his hand placed on his heart. Jonathan Majors was wrongfully detained, according to his attorney Priya Chaudhry, who claimed in an email that Jonathan Majors had “suffered at the hands” of his accuser.

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Attorney of Jonathan Majors willfully defended him in his case

In a report published by CTV News, Majors’ lawyer Priya Chaudhry stated that Jonathan Majors was “the real victim in this shameful ordeal,” and that Jonathan Majors had “had his life, career, and reputation torn apart.” Jonathan Majors is nevertheless steadfast in his resolve to be freed from this terrifying experience.

Among other films, Jonathan Majors has acted in “Creed III” and “Antman and the Wasp: Quantumania.”

In a statement, Doug Cohen, a representative for the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, stated, “We look forward to presenting the full facts and evidence at trial.”

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