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Nevada Man Arrested for Allegedly Trespassing Women’s Homes and Rubbing Their Feet While Asleep

A Nevada man arrested due to trespassing in Women's homes (Photo: iStock)

A Nevada man arrested due to allegations of trespassing and sexual misconduct against women.

A man arrested in Nevada after trespassing women’s homes and rubbing their feet while asleep (Photo: iStock)

In Nevada, a guy was detained for reportedly breaking into two residences in the middle of the night and stroking the feet of two sleeping women.

In a report published by CBS News, the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department in Nevada asserts that the man arrested, Mark Anthony Gonzales, is suspected of having previously committed similar felonies.

Gonzalez, the Nevada man arrested, is accused of breaking into two different condos in Stateline, Nevada between July 1-3 using open screen doors early in the morning, the sheriff’s office claimed on Facebook.

He is charged with stroking the feet of the two women while standing at the foot of their beds.
The women awoke and confronted the suspect in each instance. Police used forensic methods to identify him after he fled the scene, according to the department.

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Atwater, California, which is about a 3-hour drive from Douglas County, is where a Nevada man arrested on August 1.

In a recently published news from NDTV, Gonzalez, the man arrested, was also “known to law enforcement” in Merced County, California, where he was charged with several crimes, including stealing a woman’s shoes, trespassing, and engaging in sexual self-gratification, according to the sheriff’s office. Gonzales, the man arrested, was detained in the Merced County jail until he was extradited to Douglas County on charges of two counts of burglary and two counts of violence. $50,000 was given as his bail.

Sheriff Dan Coverley of Douglas County said in a statement, “I am pleased that my investigators were able to identify, locate, and led this man arrested. The ability to make this man arrested, the victims and the community feel safe once more. “These types of crimes are especially alarming to a community.”

Media companies did not receive any updates from the Nevada man arrested recently.

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