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Gilgo Beach Murder Update: “Jane Doe No. 7”, Authorities Release the Identity as Karen Vergata After Missing for 27 Years

Skeletal remains of "Jane Doe No. 7" (Photo: NPR)

“Jane Doe No. 7”, another victim of Gilgo Beach murder has been finally identified by authorities.

“Jane Doe No. 7” remains discovered by authorities (Photo: iStock)

A lady whose remains were discovered as early as 1996 in several areas along the Long Island coast, some of them close to the Gilgo Beach locations where victims investigators suspect were placed by a serial killer, have been identified, according to law enforcement authorities on Friday.

In a report published by CBS News, Karen Vergata, 34, one of the victims of the Gilgo Beach murder, was the woman who the police had identified as “Jane Doe No. 7” and “Fire Island Jane Doe,” according to Suffolk County District Attorney Raymond Tierney on Friday.

Vergata, a victim of the Gilgo Beach murder, who was a resident of Manhattan, vanished on February 14, 1996, according to Tierney. On Long Island, her fragmented bones were initially found in 1996. Later, in 2011, more of her bones were discovered close to Gilgo Beach.

Tierney was accompanied by members of the Gilgo Beach Homicide Task Force, which solved the 13-year-old mystery last month with the arrest of Rex Heuermann, alleged suspect of the Gilgo Beach Murder, according to CBS New York. They claim they won’t stop until every one of the 10 victims dumped along Ocean Parkway in the vicinity of Gilgo Beach has been identified.

According to Tierney, the investigative task force, which was established last year to conduct a new investigation into the crimes that have come to be known as the Gilgo Beach murders, created a DNA profile of the unidentified remains.

The FBI, tasked to decode the Gilgo Beach murder, then tentatively identified her as Vergata using genetic genealogy procedures, and the task team received a relative’s DNA to confirm the identity in October, according to Tierney.

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Tierney stated that Vergata “was believed to be working as an escort at the time of her disappearance,” adding that no missing person report had been made at the time of her disappearance and killing during the Gilgo Beach murder.

In a report published by The U.S Sun Edition, he said that officials withheld the information while getting in touch with her family and carrying out their investigation, which resulted in Rex Heuermann’s arrest last month in connection with the deaths of three other women whose bones were discovered along a coastal parkway close to Gilgo Beach more than ten years ago.

He has also been identified as a key suspect in the murder of a fourth person. Heuermann has entered a not-guilty plea in his Gilgo Beach murder case, and according to his attorney, he denies killing anyone.

Regarding “what, if any, suspects we developed” in Vergata’s death, Tierney opted not to speak.

Asa Ellerup, Heuermann’s estranged wife, has requested a divorce after his imprisonment and his Gilgo Beach murder case. She requested a place for her family and her neighbors through her attorney.

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According to images provided by her counsel, the family claimed they were taken by surprise by the allegations especially the Gilgo Beach murder when they went to their Massapequa Park home after his arrest and saw boxes scattered all over the place.

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