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Following a Giveaway in Union Square, New York, “Inciting a Riot” was Accused to a Twitch Streamer, Kai Cenat

The outrageous antics that Cenat is known for have gotten him into some trouble on the platform. (Photo:

A crowd gathered at an event that police claim was not authorized or approved by the city, and Cenat, a well-known YouTube and Twitch personality, was detained after being accused of “inciting a riot.


After allegedly losing control of a giveaway in Union Square in New York City on Friday, a social media influencer is suspected of inciting a riot. (Photo: NBC News)

Inciting a riot is defined as the acts of “organizing, promoting, encouraging, participating in a riot” and urging others to riot according to the federal law.

After the incident, Twitch game streamer Kai Cenat was taken into custody and is likely to be charged with two counts of inciting a riot and unlawful assembly, according to New York City Police Chief Jeffrey Maddrey, who gave a press conference that was recorded and posted on Facebook.

6.5 million people follow Cenat on Twitch, according to his profile. Cenat has been making content for years, but his most popular Twitch streams include gameplay, practical jokes, and comedic reactions. However, it was never expected that such event made him accused of inciting a riot and unlawful assembly at Union Square, New York.

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During the altercation, at least three officers were hurt, and a sergeant broke his hand, according to Maddrey, who also said that over 60 people had been detained, including about 30 children.

According to Maddrey, the New York Police Department learned about a post purportedly written by Cenat informing people about a giveaway in Manhattan’s Union Square. This has been legal grounds for him inciting a riot.

Maddrey claimed that the post became popular, and Cenat was unaware that he could accused of “inciting a riot” and “unlawful assembly” due to his post on social media. According to CNN, Cenat announced he would be hosting a “huge giveaway” on Friday at 4 p.m. during a Twitch stream on Wednesday. Union Square Park, where. Computers, Play Station 5s, microphones, keyboards, webcams, gaming chairs, headphones, and gift cards were among the items Cenat claimed he would be giving away. This has been the basis of him getting accused of “inciting a riot “and “unlawful assembly” at Union Square, New York.


After being accused of “inciting a riot” and “unlawful assembly” Police took Cenat away “for safety reasons,” according to Maddrey.

According to Maddrey, the crowd turned violent and is suspected of breaking into a construction site and using the tools there as weapons.

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Maddrey declared, “We were attacked. “Young people destroyed our vehicles, including my own car, as well as food carts and stores.”

After streaming nonstop for 30 days, Cenat reportedly broke the record for most active Twitch subscribers in March, according to NBC News. However Cenat never considered that the said event will end of accusing of of inciting a riot and unlawful assembly. Additio

nally, he has received five temporary bans from Twitch.

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