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Montgomery Alabama Police Department Issues Arrest Warrants for Those Involved During the Riverfront Brawl

Alabama police department issues warrant of arrests (Photo: jacksonville-al)

Arrest warrants have been issued by Montgomery Alabama Police Department about the riverfront altercation that occurred and gained widespread attention after footage emerged showing a group of white individuals punching a Black riverboat worker, which prompted a significant fight.

Montgomery Alabama Police Department condemned the altercation (Photo: Jacksonville-al)

Montgomery Alabama Police Department condemns the altercation in the Riverfront

In a report published by U.S News, Montgomery Alabama Police Department announced on Monday that arrest warrants had been issued about a riverfront altercation in the state capital of Alabama that received widespread media attention when footage emerged showing a group of white individuals punching a Black riverboat worker, which triggered a large fight.

There are already four open warrants that the Montgomery Alabama Police Department released, according to Major Saba Coleman of the Montgomery Alabama Police Department, and more could be issued when officials evaluate additional video. On Sunday, police announced that numerous persons had been arrested and that charges were pending.

Social media videos from Saturday appeared to show a large brawl that started when a city-operated riverboat crew member attempted to move a pontoon boat that was preventing the riverboat from docking.

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According to a riverboat passenger’s video that was recorded and later released by WSFA, a white man shoved and punched the Black crew member.

In a recently published report from ABC News, when more white people joined in attacking the Black crew member, the argument got worse. A different video reveals that after the riverboat docked, numerous Black passengers assaulted the pontoon boat group, starting a further fight that was mostly racially divided.

Montgomery Alabama Police Department will give an update on the situation at a meeting on Tuesday, according to Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed. In a statement released on Sunday, Reed said that Montgomery Alabama Police Department responded: “swiftly to detain several reckless individuals for attacking a man who was doing his job.”

The brawl happened on the riverbank in the center of Montgomery, which the city has attempted to turn into a tourism and recreation area with eateries, bars, and hotels.

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